Marcela Holanová scares the fans: After the operation, she looks down and unhappy

For a long time, she maintained a youthful appearance, was full of energy and gave joy. But today there is something different. When the singer Marcela Holanová appeared at the concentration camp of the Man of the Year competition, many were amazed. Holan looked unhappy and ill.

Marcela Holanová is one of the most famous Czech singers. She has many fans who have always admired not only her musical talent, but also her youthful appearance, which the ex-wife of the entertainer Karel Šíp was able to maintain even with increasing age. But now that she had appeared at the Man of the Year training camp, everyone present had noticed that something was wrong.

They almost had to call a medic

Marcela Holanová’s performance at the Man of the Year training camp was accompanied by several problems. According to web information Aha! the singer was not there for two hours before her show and did not even pass the sound check. When she finally arrived, a worried look appeared on many’s faces. “She hardly climbed the stairs and the problem was with the antigen test. She was having trouble breathing, making it impossible to take a sample through her nose or mouth. In the end, we succeeded from saliva, but at times we were afraid that we would have to call a paramedic, ”she said. Aha! hear one of the women present.

As the website stated Express, the singer seemed so that she was not in her skin. During the interviews, she answered in one word and at first glance it was clear that she was in health.

A lot of pain

The singer has had to undergo several operations recently. “I had to have hip surgery now. It has been a procedure several times. I feel like a walking pain because I suffer a lot from it, I complain, I mumble, the convalescence is the most difficult for me, “she said in one of her more comprehensive answers for the web Express, according to which it was clear that Holanová would not last long due to pain.

And finally, the former star of the 80’s admitted to herself that she was not feeling well. “I’m not feeling well today because the weather is bad,” she told the diary Aha!. Perhaps Marcela Holanová will soon return to form and will enthusiastically jump in front of the fans again, as they were used to.

Marcela Holanová has many hits to her credit

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