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Marcela Holanová: Her Journey in Music, Health Struggles, and Unveiling Her Future Plans

Music is Holanová’s greatest love in life and she would like to devote herself fully to it again. But there aren’t many offers. “I’m really looking forward to the people. Anyone who hasn’t experienced it has no idea how you can miss an audience.” admitted the red-haired singer. “I’m not planning anything in the summer yet! But I hope that somehow it will start again. I was sick, but I’m fine now. I feel good. I try to swim a lot, it helps,” says the singer of the immortal duet with Karl Gott (†80) Bye, love. She was visibly nervous when she performed at the Man of the Year finalists’ gathering in Prague’s Villa Lanna. “I’ll see how I do today, it’s been a long time since I’ve sung,” she admitted her worries Holanova, who used a cane until a year ago due to sore legs. It’s no wonder she’s put on some weight and a few wrinkles.

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But she didn’t exactly choose a flattering outfit for the performance. In a white skirt with a white jacket, the extra pounds were even more visible. However, she had the best technique of all the performers. Because of the two songs, she also brought a shiny microphone. She was able to delight the audience of the Man of the Year with her singing thanks to her friendship with the director of the competition, David Novotný. “We know each other well, I was at the first competitions he organized,” she said. What about other job offers? “I can’t say when and where I sing. My phone rings – and I’m on my way. No one asks you anything,” said Marcela Holanová, how it goes in the industry.

Pain and crying

Most patients experience pain relief and a full return to life after hip replacement. Not so Marcela Holanová. “In 2019, I underwent the exchange and was looking forward to running again. Unfortunately, the replacement cracked and all hell broke loose. I often cried because of the pain,” Marcela Holanová confided her suffering to Aha! some time ago. “It was precisely because of complications and excruciating pain that I neglected rehabilitation, which was actually the worst part,” Marcela warns everyone not to make the same mistake.

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