Jennifer Lawrence Addresses Plastic Surgery Accusations: “My Face Has Changed Because I’m Getting Older”

In September this year, when Jennifer Lawrence participated in Paris Fashion Week, her appearance was very different from before, causing many fans to shout, “Who is this person? I can’t recognize him!” As a result, she was involved in plastic surgery accusations. Two months later, I finally responded.

Jennifer Lawrence responds to plastic surgery doubts
He even gave the makeup artist the credit for his “face-changing”

At that time, Jennifer Lawrence was suspected of having plastic surgery. In addition to her face looking too stiff, the biggest issue that caused the most discussion was the thickening of her lips, which made the outside world think that she had undergone cosmetic surgery. However, in a recent interview, Jennifer Lawrence refuted any accusations that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Instead, she gave the credit for her “face-changing” to the makeup artist, and joked lightly: “I also think makeup is incredible. When I work with the makeup artist, he will help me apply a layer of stuff on my lips, so I always say He is a “plastic surgeon”, and he gave her the title of makeup artist because during the few months we worked together, everyone believed that she must have had eye surgery.

Except makeup plays a role
Jennifer believes that aging also causes changes in the face

Because she is often suspected of plastic surgery on various parts of her face, Jennifer once again emphasized that she did not have eye surgery, it was purely due to makeup! Since she also knew that many media were suggesting that she had undergone nose plastic surgery and lip fillers, she decided to explain this time.

She said: “As you grow older, your face will change. This is normal!” She also said that she started to become famous at the age of 19, so she also saw the before and after comparison pictures from 19 to 30 years old, and after reading it, All I can say is: “I’ve grown up! The baby fat on my face is gone, and my face has changed because I’m getting older!”

Jennifer Lawrence is famous for her true nature. This time when she faced doubts, she once again used a generous and frank attitude to dispel the doubts of the outside world. It seemed that she could hear her hearty laughter and said to the makeup artist with a smile: “You are really a plastic surgeon.” doctor.”

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