Makhmud Muradov defends himself: he did not leave Bagarova and for separation…

When Monika Bagárová wrote on her Instagram during the Christmas holidays that her relationship with MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov had come to an end, many were clear about the reasons for the breakup. They blamed Muradov for everything and therefore started giving him a good soda on the internet. He ran out of patience now and decided to put things right.

Although Monika Bagárová refused for many months that her relationship with MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov was going through a crisis, she eventually came with the news that they had broken up. “Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, even though you fought until the last minute. I think it’s fair to tell you that we are no longer a family, “the singer wrote on her Instagram and added a joint daughter with Mach, as she told her partner, and also their daughter Ruminka.

“I openly admit that I need time to get together, so I decided to evaporate from the internet world for a while and focus fully on myself and my Rumina, which is the meaning of my life,” added the beauty, from whose statement was known for great sorrow and despair. It is therefore not surprising that everyone began to blame Murad for the end of the relationship, and the overwhelming part of the Internet sided with the singer. Just a few days later, the wrestler decided to say what had happened.

Both are always to blame for the breakdown of the relationship

Problems between Bagarova and Muradov probably began as the wrestler spent more and more time in his native Uzbekistan. There he took care of his sick father and also started a business. It has been speculated several times that he has just found a new partner in his homeland, which many considered to be the final reason for breaking up with Bagárová. But as the successful MMA wrestler claims, he definitely did not leave Bagar.

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“I don’t care what people think of me, what they write or say about me. I don’t care about their opinion at all. The only thing that matters to me is that I have a healthy daughter and the rest is noise. Let everyone think what they want. I know the truth. We didn’t leave anyone, we didn’t leave. Everything happened as it happened, “said Makhmud Muradov in an interview with

I’m not an angel, nor is Monika

“It’s life. Every day someone breaks up, someone gets together, but I’m dealing with myself, “added the wrestler, who doesn’t understand why the criticism is aimed only at his head. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m not saying I’m the perfect person. I’m not an angel, nor is Monika. But I’m very happy that I have a daughter with her and that I really have her specifically with her. Fate has simply arranged it so that we are not together now. I respect it and I will always respect it, “said the wrestler.

What exactly happened between Bagar and Murad remains a mystery. However, after all sorts of speculations, which have been rumbling among the people for several months, Muradov cannot be so completely surprised that it is people who target him the most.

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