Maes Presents Booba with an Octagon!

Maes and Booba in a ring?

They will have to come to an agreement.

Booba and Maes could move up a gear in their clash. If for the moment, they attack each other on the networks, it could become more concrete. The rapper from Sevran offers an octagon!

New episode in the series Le Duc vs Maes. For many months now, the two artists have been in beef. If it all started with a question of music and rights, their conflict then took a more personal turn. Today, if they don’t bring out old files, they insult each other or make fun of each other’s sales figures, as B2O recently did with respect to the “Omerta” project of its former protege. . However, the tension went up a notch a few days ago.

Indeed, Maes relayed a boycott campaign against Booba to prevent him from performing in Morocco on June 21. The reason ? Some words of Kopp concerning the beurettes. The Duke did not appreciate this new provocation and therefore issued a challenge to Maes by offering to measure themselves against each other in music (in particular via streams), by releasing a single at the same time. The response from Sevranais was not long in coming. This one prefers to settle it face to face, in a ring. No you are not dreaming, the question of an octagon involving Booba is again on the carpet!

In a video shared on his networks, visibly amused, Maes explains:

“Brother, I need to break your m*re. That means, bro, we’re not going to be face to face on Spotify, Deezer, have you gone crazy or what? Bro, behavior, in three years you’re 50, behavior. Come on, octagon, no rules. I’m going to drink your blood, I’m going to break your bones. Anyway, when you want to be serious, I’ll fuck your mother.”

Couldn’t be clearer. For his part, the Duke did not give his answer, but preferred to ask the opinion of his Pirates. On Twitter, he shared the famous video, along with the caption:

“Maes refuses to confront the Duke of Boulogne in music and offers him an Octagon. What do you think?”.

When we know that the previous octagons organized by the Duke (against Kaaris or even against Rohff) have never taken place, we allow ourselves to have some doubts about this one. In any case, the proposal is made.

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