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Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, the cities with the most sustainable mobility

Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao are the Spanish cities with the highest degree of compliance in the consolidation of sustainable mobility.

This is clear from the second edition of the Sustainable Mobility Index of the Cities of Spain (IMSCE), corresponding to the year 2021, and which has been carried out by the IdenCity consultancy, specialized in transformation processes of cities and territories.

The index measures, analyzes and evaluates the mobility systems of 82 cities throughout Spain and for the first time also includes a detailed study of seven Integrated Public Transport Areas (ATPIs).

The report ensures that Spanish cities continue to take steps towards the consolidation of sustainable mobility, with an average degree of compliance of 50.8%, surpassed by cities such as Madrid (63.6%), Barcelona (62.5%) and Bilbao (61%).

Health and safety standards are those that obtain the best average score in terms of compliance within the IMSCE 2021, with a rating of 89.9% and 84.4%, respectively.

On the other hand, those categories that have the greatest opportunities for improvement within IMSCE 2021 are, firstly, adaptation to climate change, with a degree of compliance of 19%, being Madrid (46.6%) and Barcelona (37 , 4%) the most advantageous.

Another point that is still growing, according to the study, is the so-called preferences of the demand for mobility services, which refers to the contribution and promotion by municipal governments of the use of public and collective transport, and in which Barcelona is the only city that stands out for its good performance, with a degree of compliance of 73.5%.

The third category with room for improvement is the one that refers to land use planning and urban development, which analyzes the reciprocal relationships between the suitability of urban developments: the degree of compliance amounts to 27.5%, and Barcelona (62.5% %), Seville (57.6%) and Salamanca (51.5%) are the most advantageous.

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