Pensioners in Ukraine will be able to withdraw money from the accumulation fund

In 2023, contributions to the funded pension will begin. All working Ukrainians who are under 50 will be obliged to transfer 2% of their earnings to personal savings accounts every month. Another 2% will be allocated by employers.

Those over 50 can decide for themselves whether to contribute to them or not. If someone is afraid to transfer their money to a private fund, then a single state fund will be created.

Information about money in savings accounts can be viewed in your electronic account. It will indicate how much money has been accumulated and what is their profitability.

How can the money be collected

Ukrainians will be able to withdraw funds from savings funds in two ways:

  • With the help of a lump sum payment of all accumulated.
  • Through payment in equal installments over a period.

In the first case, those who have not even reached retirement age will be able to receive money. It is worth noting that funds will be given in extreme cases, when money is urgently needed for treatment.

Ukrainian pensioners will be able to withdraw money from the accumulation fund (video: YouTube)



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