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Brutal fire in Valencia Spain

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A brutal fire ravaged a 14-storey building in Valencia on Thursday.

Four people died in the flames and 19 people are missing.

The huge fire that hit a 14-story building in Valencia broke out at 5:30 p.m. in the Campanar neighborhood on Thursday evening, local Spanish media reports.

Several patrols have tried to extinguish the flames in the high-rise building and according to Valencia’s emergency center, ten fire brigades have been mobilized to the scene.

According to The country At least four people have died in the fires, 19 people are missing and 14 people have received emergency medical care after injuries in the fire. Of those injured, six are firefighters, writes the Spanish newspaper.

In the building there are 138 homes where approximately 450 people are registered.

The fire is said to have started on the fourth floor and spread to the entire building within half an hour.

Jumped between the balconies

The Spanish Ministry of Defense called in the military from Madrid to support the extinguishing work. In addition, a field hospital was mobilized next to the building.

An expert told El País that the material used in the building’s facade is the reason why the fire has spread so quickly. He calls these aluminum panels with synthetic insulation “highly combustible”.

At 21:40 on Thursday evening, Spanish El Periódico reports that the fire has subsided and that the flames on the facade are practically extinguished.

Earlier in the evening, screams were heard from the building when neighbors tried to jump between the balconies and several people were seen trapped on their balconies, local media write.

The fire was so big that it spread to two adjacent buildings.


full screen Large draw on Thursday evening. Photo: Alberto Saiz/AP

A father and a daughter have been rescued

A father and his teenage daughter managed to be rescued by firefighters after being stuck on their balcony for several hours, writes Spanish newspaper El Periódico.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez says he is “appalled” by the fire.

“I have just spoken with President Carlos Mazón and Mayor María José Catalá to hear about the situation first hand and to be able to offer all the help as needed,” he writes on X.

“I want to convey my solidarity to all those affected and praise to all rescue personnel who are deployed at the scene,” adds the prime minister.


full screen Photo: Alberto Saiz / AP

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