Lose weight with the 12-hour rule – that’s the diet hype from the USA

According to US researchers, it is not food that determines success in losing weight, but a certain rule of thumb.

If you want to lose extra pounds, you can try countless diets. Many of them promise that you will slim down in a short time. Now, a US study claims that what you eat is not important, but what time it is.

400 mice and various diet plans

A team led by the US researcher Dr. Satchidananda Panda from the Salk Institute in California examined the new one diet-Approach. The scientists put 400 mice on various diets and diets.

Some of the rodents received a high level of feed fat– and sugar content. The other part was provided with balanced food. A third group was only allowed to eat at a certain time. A nutritional plan was particularly effective.

Some of the mice remained slimmer

The mice, which were only allowed to eat for nine to twelve hours a day, remained slimmer – compared to their peers, who ate the same amount of food without any time restrictions. Obese rodents even lost body weight. In addition, mice that ate consistently at the weekend and were only allowed to eat for nine to twelve hours during the week put on less fat.

More studies are needed for diet rule

So far, however, the US scientists have only researched mice. The results cannot therefore be directly transferred to humans. Whether the 12-hour rule is perfect diet suitable, must show further studies. However, many people are already using a similar approach when interval fasting,

Diet variant is not so new

Of course, the idea of ​​only eating within a certain time interval is not entirely new. For example, some diet experts suggest eating only up to a certain time each day to stay slim or lose weight. Others want to find out that not every time is suitable for eating. Food after 6 p.m. is said to make you fat because the food is heavy in the stomach.

Still, these and other myths are about that Lose weight always enjoy with caution. In an interview with t-online.de, Berlin nutritionist Manuela Marin explains what to think about wisdom about losing weight.

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