3D printers build a house in just 24 hours: the price is cheap – and encourages

The American startup ICON creates something that many thought was impossible. A 3D printer can build a house within 24 hours.

The construction only takes a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required for new buildings.

The house looks modern and chic, has a living room, bedroom, bathroom and an arched veranda.

The price is also impressive:

It only costs $ 4,000 because the material and labor costs are comparatively low. $ 4,000 is roughly four iPhone 11 Pro Max models. An Apple device costs $ 1099. Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max here,-

With this method, ICON, together with the nonprofit organization “New Story”, wants to combat the global shortage of living space.

If everything goes according to plan, a community of around 100 houses will be created for the residents of El Salvador next year.

And maybe we will have them soon.

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