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Presenting next Friday at the “Job Building” Show in Marly, Rachel Dubour will unveil her digital application ( to the general public, allowing people to present themselves through video business cards. Original tool intended for job seekers or salespeople seeking to promote their product in 15 or 30 seconds maximum.


Get up to speed

Originally from Thionville, this packaging development engineer went through her school and university studies without any major problems. Primary school, in the City of Iron, then an Eco Bac, passed in Arles, over the changes of his parents. She completed her initiatory journey with a BTS in commercial action, then a technical communication license in Paris. A smooth career that opened the doors to L’Oréal for her, where she took advantage of a continuing education opportunity to become an engineer. This well-tied baggage allowed him, for more than fifteen years, to climb the ranks within the world’s leading cosmetics group: “where I easily cultivate my taste for the aesthetics of things and people”. A way to get up to speed with joy and good humor. At the same time, leading an honorable career as a Modern Jazz singer and dancer, the artist of verb and emotion uses this harmonious versatility to build a new professional life project. “The desire to make myself useful, in supporting people in search of self-assurance and enhancement of their own image”. Combining her two currents of inspiration and expression, Rachel Dubour is developing training workshops in the Grand Est region, adapted to highlighting each person’s strengths. “Bright mirror reflecting the postures and character traits of each other, through video in partnership with Pôle Emploi Nancy, Metz, Forbach and Thionville, as well as with the local Mission in Nancy. “.
Personalized approach to highlighting the human values ​​and intrinsic talents of men and women placed under the obligation to assert themselves during interviews with recruiters, human resources managers or demanding clients. Exercise requiring a real questioning of the person concerned, taking place, in situation, in front of a camera to achieve, in a few hours a personal video signature, thus becoming a refined vector of individualized communication “favoring, at best, a first human contact, during a hiring meeting or a sales presentation ”. Three objectives in this approach, the instantaneous enhancement of your personality, the immediate revelation of the values ​​that drive you and the clear and simplified expression of your motivations. “Unique and effective solution to develop and express your talents often hidden by language artifices or deceptive attitudes”.

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Job Building a Marly

The script is simple and well oiled, for the realization of these video initials. Participants in the workshops are supervised by coaches who strive to identify the major assets of their interlocutors. “This first phase of discovery, completed, each speaker will have to write his pitch to record it in 15 or 30 seconds”. Once the capture has been validated, the product thus produced is integrated into a digitized video signature which can then be shared by email, sms, Messenger or on social networks. “Overall it’s about building commitment and trust in a flash.” Accompanied by the incubator The Pool in Bliida Metz, in two years of activity, “Match Your Talents” has enabled more than 300 professionals or young people entering the labor market to test this new express mode of communication, with significant results especially for job seekers who were able, in less than a month, to get a job. “An offer which is becoming accessible to all and which goes even further with the video business card”.


Unique in France

This new version, which will be launched next Friday at the Job Building Fair in Marly, is accessible to as many people as possible, since it can be managed on a computer. “Simple, professional and efficient, it allows you to practice presenting yourself, making short videos, easily creating a powerful pitch and finalizing your presentation in video business cards with personalized design to enhance your professional communication”. The finalized products can also contain PDF files, such as CV, diploma, letter of recommendation or commercial brochure. “A new, digital and modern concept to promote communication, humanize relationships and at the same time save time. As of November, we will collaborate with the University of Lorraine, in particular the IUT de Longwy, to promote the presentation of students as part of their search for an internship or first job. “The only start-up in France to experiment with this application, Rachel Dubour’s company has a bright future. “We are going to raise funds as quickly as possible, with a view to accelerating our development and investing in even more sophisticated equipment”. Positioned in a competitive market can be called upon “Match Your Talents” today finds itself faced with structures established in the United States, New Zealand and recently in Ireland. Favorable situation to “boost” the rise of this application jealously protected by Rachel Dubour.

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