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Lehrstellenforum.org: Connecting Companies and Students for Future Careers

Due to the current situation of a shortage of apprentices, an oversupply of apprenticeships, companies not having enough presence, and much more. The St.Gallen association “lehrstellenforum.org” wants to bring together different training companies from various sectors with students, parents and teachers and establish itself as an indispensable hub for companies and professional organizations for securing the next generation of professionals.

Inform and attract young people

The apprenticeship forum is a table fair where training companies, their apprentice managers and apprentices present themselves to interested students who are still unsure about their career choice or have no prospects yet.

The aim of the event is to present small and large companies from different companies to present their professions and companies, make contacts, ask questions or even arrange an appointment for a taster or interview.

Young people who are about to choose a career receive real and practice-oriented insights on the educational platform. Entry for visitors is free.

Information and registration at bodensee.lehrstellenforum.org

2023-09-24 15:23:02
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