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Lebanese State Sues LBCI Over Satirical Comedy Program “Marhaba Doula”

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBCI) announced that it “was informed of an urgent lawsuit filed by the Lebanese State/Ministry of Interior, represented by the head of the Cases Authority at the Ministry of Justice, requesting the suspension of the program (Marhaba Doula), in protest of the program’s violation of the moral code of conduct, as a result of the abuse it is carrying out towards The state and its institutions,” according to the claim.

LBCI regretted, in a statement, that “the Lebanese state forgot the suffering of the Lebanese who lost their money and are living in the shadow of a devastating economic crisis that displaced their children and destroyed their future. They also forgot the tragedy of the port explosion that destroyed Beirut and left the Lebanese among victims and wounded. Most importantly, they forgot.” “The suffering of the officers and members of the Internal Security Forces.”

The channel continued: “As for talking about the prestige of the state, which they claim has been damaged through a satirical comedy programme, which aims to distract people from the tragedy they are experiencing, as a result of the absence of this state itself, it is a comedy in itself, because the state is the one that abandoned its children, administrations and institutions, and brought it to “The stark reality that the program translated.”

The channel confirmed that “the problem is not with the program (Marhaba State), but rather with a mentality that does not want to reform the state and people’s affairs and refuses to even bring smiles into their homes, while what the LBCI wants is to fix the defect in the state by bringing joy to the homes of the Lebanese and with it the hope of building a state whose only ceiling is freedom.” It is forbidden to touch it.”

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