Lanciano, 18 years old attacked by a baby gang and hit with a punch in the head: it is very serious

LANCIANO (CHIETI) Attacked by a baby gang, while in the company of friends, he was punched in the head by one of them and is now in intensive care after having undergone a delicate surgery to remove a brain hematoma. happened to an eighteen year old from Lanciano, in the province of Chieti, around midnight on Saturday. The boy was in the company of an engaged couple, aged 16 and 25, with whom he was spending the evening in the area of ​​the former Sangritana train station. An illuminated area and very close to the main street of the city.

A punch to the head

At one point, as evidenced by the testimonies, the three felt called by some boys who were always in the square but a little distant. There were at least five, including some minors, and they invited them to join them. It must be said that both groups were drinking alcohol and that the three did not accept the invitation to get closer. Nothing, however, that could foreshadow the disproportionate reaction of the larger group which, evidently annoyed by some response, began to rant and quickly approached with threatening intentions. From here began the retreat of the others and the subsequent pursuit, as the investigators tell, which saw the engaged couple get to safety while their friend, the 18-year-old, was reached by one of the members and hit violently in the temple with a fist.

The escape and the investigation

The boy collapsed to the ground and the pursuers, soon after, dispersed. The engaged couple went back to help their friend and managed to bring him back to consciousness and take him home. Here he felt ill and it was necessary to call 118, which transported him to the hospital in Lanciano and later to Pescara. The neurosurgeons of the team that operated on him took over two hours to remove the hematoma from his head and now the boy is intubated in intensive care and his condition remains worrying. The carabinieri of the Lanciano company, under the orders of Major Vincenzo Orlando, are trying to identify, also with the help of the cameras located in the area, who are the members of the baby gang and the searches are already well advanced. On the reasons, however, it now seems clear that these were futile reasons degenerated, also due to alcohol, into something much more serious.


This is a bad story that should make us reflect – comments the mayor, Mario Pupillo -, the expression of a social malaise that leads to gratuitous aggression and bullying. Our city is no different from the others, however I notice that that area, owned not by the Municipality but by the company that manages the railway, is poorly frequented especially on weekends. We can only ask the police to tighten controls even more.

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