Ryanair cancels flights to Catania. Hundreds of complaints

“For some weeks the low cost airline Ryanair has implemented a process of” thinning “the flights to and from Catania, which has proved to be total in recent days. In fact, consulting the airline’s website, there are no more flights to and from Catania until April 2021 ″.

This was stated in a note at the Rights Office. “Ryanair offered a service of daily afternoon flights to the province of Etna used both by the numerous Sicilians residing on the island but also by many Maltese, who went to Sicily for business or leisure.

The “mystery” of the cancellation of flights to Sicily – highlights Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Rights Desk” – has not yet been revealed: no official press release has been issued by the company. But besides the damage, there is also insult: there are hundreds of users who are unable to request a refund.

In fact, from the Ryanair app, once the process has begun and the passenger data and the flight code have been entered, it is not possible to complete the procedure because the flight has not been canceled. If you try to request a refund via an email address, the process should be successful instead ”.

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