Noises and beatings, amusement park “besieged” by 150 kids

They are not a gang, but certainly by moving en masse they have caused inconvenience and hindrances. For this reason, the carabinieri, the local police and also the volunteers of the Romano Carabinieri Association were busy on Saturday evening (January 28), around 11 pm, to dissolve and remove a large group of minors, perpetrators of […]

Intense persecution on Route 78 leaves four inmates

Two adults and two minors arrested. They had drugs in the vehicle. an intense persecution in hours of the night that covered practically the whole Route 78 allow four inmates, of adults yes two minors. The event was born when a vehicle was driving through the Plaza de Armas de Talagante, in the metropolitan region, […]

The quarrel between cohabitants ends in stab wounds: man seriously injured

He grabbed a kitchen knife and stuck it in the side of the partner at the end of a violent quarrel in the house sparked by futile reasons. A 44-year-old woman was arrested, on charges of attempted murder, on the night between Thursday and Friday 5 August, and is now in the via Gleno prison. […]

Over 5 hours late for Rome Fiumicino-Comiso, the Comiso carabinieri arrive

Rome – Over five hours delay for today’s Rome Fiumicino Comiso Ryanair flight at 12.40. The passengers, 160 in all, exasperated because they remained without news for an interminable period of time, turned to the carabinieri, who arrived at the airport asking for the reasons for the delay and failure to communicate at check-in. The […]

Alatri – Steals money from the gym distributor, a 45-year-old arrested

The Frosinone ends up in handcuffs who, on the night between Friday and Saturday, forced the door of a gym by sneaking in to steal the coins contained in the drinks dispenser. In fact, last 22 October in Alatri, the NORM soldiers of the local Company arrested for aggravated theft a 45-year-old from Frosinone, already […]