Klukovský sen crossed out. We rode Defender in a police arrangement

The Police of the Czech Republic will take over 30 Defender cars with special modifications to their services. We could try one of these for a short time.

You have already read that on our website Dajbych won the tender for 30 pieces specially modified Land Roverů Defender 110, which will head to the services of the Police of the Czech Republic over the next two years.

In connection with this, we were given the opportunity to try this modified Defender. It is not one of those thirty pieces, we get acquainted with the prototype that Autosalon Dajbych built so that he could later present it to more and more security forces. As a result, however, cars differ in only a few details.

The showcar’s propulsion unit remained in series form. Under the hood, there is a three-liter diesel six-cylinder tuned to 147 kW (200 hp) and 500 newton meters of torque. The police can look forward to a more powerful version (Defender “can” still 183 and 221 kW) and additional equipment, at random a second set of wheels or a grille between the front and rear seats.

But even this prototype cannot complain about the lack of modifications. He gets Cooper AT off-road tires on the metal discs, there is a Warn Zeon reel built into the bumper with a synthetic rope, massive towing eyes, increased suction or beacons and STOP and POLICE warning signs.

You can store a lot of things in the outer side carrier, and you can climb the roof up the sliding ladder again. When standing, the roof can handle up to 300 kilograms, the dynamic load allows a maximum of 168 kg. The icing on the whole police / military cake is all-over quality foil in NATO green.

“In showrooms, we most often see cars crammed with modern technologies and electrified drives. But the customers of our company are interested in something completely different, “ Tomáš Petrů, marketing manager of Dajbych, explains to us during a personal meeting with the modified Defender.

Near the company’s Prague background, I can take a short ride and tick another item from my list of boys’ dreams – drive something with real lighthouses. I sit inside (for protective and washable seat covers) and before the journey itself I receive a short instruction from Mr. Petrů. The interior is standard, so it basically only warns me not to forget to turn off the beacons after the off-road liner and the way back to the road.

There can be no doubt about the field capabilities of Defender, just take a look at our video attached above. The car equipped with an air chassis has a ground clearance of up to 291 mm, can be waded in 90 centimeters of water and relies on huge approach angles – 37.5 ° at the front, 40 ° at the rear and the crossing has a value of 28 degrees. And when it comes down to it, the car even tightens a 3.5-ton trailer.

In conclusion, Tomáš Petrů emphasizes that the car is Made in Czechoslovakia. Defender is manufactured in Nitra, Slovakia, and most of the above-mentioned modifications were procured by the Dajbych company itself, and the Czech external partners addressed the more demanding ones. This greatly simplifies logistics and security of supply in the construction of such a special.


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