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Kalimba faces lawsuit for alleged sexual abuse

Diana Garcia | Mexico City Correspondent

The singer Kalimba appeared at the Reclusorio Oriente in Mexico City for a hearing scheduled for the complaint filed against him by the singer Melissa Galindo for alleged sexual abuse. He has responded publicly that it was a lie to try to evade payment for breach of contract with her record label, which is why he sued Galindo for moral damages.

Upon arrival at the prison, Kalimba thanked all the support he has received from his fans.

“That’s why I show up and introduce myself because I know exactly who I am. “I am very grateful, I have a lot of love, I have a lot of support, the most important thing is that I am here, things have to be done,” she expressed.

The singer said he was tired of this type of accusations against him, which affect his family and his work. For the same reason, he revealed that on Monday he went to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City to ask that the accusations of alleged double abuse that a young woman on TikTok exposed against him be investigated.

“It’s tiring, it’s really very exhausting. It hurts me, it hurts me physically, mentally, emotionally. There is a lot of damage. As I said a few days ago when I went to file this complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, it is very exhausting for me, for my family, to have my mother, my children, people who love me so much, suffering in this way. Yes, it is very strong,” he indicated.

The singer assured that he does not know the reason for the accusations against him, so his lawyers are resolving it.

Galindo also arrived at the prison, however, the hearing was postponed to April 17.

What is Kalimba accused of?

In March 2023, Galindo reported on social networks that she had been a victim of sexual harassment by Kalimba, for which the singer responded that he would sue her for moral damage, saying that the accusation was false and the result of her refusing to pay. breach of contract with his record label.

Given this response, the singer decided to sue him legally for aggravated sexual abuse.

“We inform you that Melissa Galindo decided to legally denounce her attacker before the corresponding authorities, for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse,” said a statement sent in March 2023 by the Roca law firm.

The singer made this decision after Kalimba’s lawyer reported that they had the necessary evidence to deny the accusations made by Galindo, whom they would sue for moral damage.

Likewise, Kalimba’s lawyer assured that among the evidence is the unfulfilled contract as well as photographs and videos that were taken after the alleged harassment that the singer points out, where it can be seen that there was a friendship and working relationship between the two.

On the other hand, in the statement sent by Galindo’s lawyers, it is stated that the singer had not spoken before about this alleged attack because as a victim it can take years to do so. They emphasized that this is not the first time that Kalimba has been accused of this type of criminal behavior.

“Victims do not speak when society wants them to, they do so when they feel the need and strength to do so, and that can take years; Even more so when her career and professional future depend on the aggressor. Likewise, we do not owe any empathy to any person who decides to repeat their criminal actions,” the statement reads.

Diana García is a correspondent in Mexico City for La Voz Arizona. Follow her coverage on X, formerly Twitter, @DianaGaav.

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