Julie Payette in The Crown?

So Julie Payette will be entitled to a lifetime pension of $ 143,000 per year, plus travel and office expenses, as she exits Rideau Hall on a rail and covered in tar and feathers. .

And all this for what ?

Because Madame represented Her Majesty in one of the former colonies of the British Empire for four years.


Ms. Payette’s acting successor as Governor General is Justice Richard Wagner.

That’s good, because one of the best-known operas of the German composer who bore that name 200 years ago is called The twilight of the Gods

When will the night definitively fall on the monarchical regimes?

That in the 19th century, parasite families ruled empires just because the good blood ran in their veins was one thing …

It went with the times. The pomp, the trumpets, the belief that some nations and peoples were superior to others …

But 200 years later? Really ?

To name a former astronaut or a former head of state journalist just because she represents an old lady sitting on a golden throne halfway around the world?

Admire the ridiculousness of the situation.

Canada prides itself on being the paradise of individual rights, the realm of equality where all individuals, regardless of their race and social background, are equal.

But we owe obedience to a monarch who reigns over a portion of the world by divine right and blood tie!



And, please let me go The Crown !

Yes, this series is an amazing history lesson, and I have followed the four seasons with relish.

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But let’s be serious: this is a sophisticated version of Big Brother celebrities !

We watch people locked in a closed place to tangle the bun between two boring dinners!

As far as I know, it was neither Elizabeth II nor her husband’s vase that brought the Nazis to their knees.

And it was neither Prince Charles nor the president of Elton John’s fan club, whom he married to please mum, who restored England to its lost prosperity.

The Queen of England’s greatest achievement has been to stay stiff as a bar in the storms that have rocked her country over the years.

No matter how strong the wind was, the lady remained impassive, unwavering.

A living embodiment of the famous British phlegm.

Just as science museums keep specimens of every animal species that have walked the planet in vials, in England family members were taken and placed in an aquarium filled with formalin in order to preserve the ” English character ‘for future generations.

And because of that, you have to pay a lifetime pension of $ 143,000 per year to Julie Payette?


Adrienne Clarkson, Michaëlle Jean, Lieutenant Governor Lise Thibault, Julie Payette …

The queen must be telling herself that there is something rotten in her old colony.

Who knows ? With any luck, she might crown us out of the Empire …

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