Joint Leave Holiday, Polyclinic of RSAM Bukittinggi Closed Except for General Emergency and Covid 19 Services – Long holiday for collective leave at the end of October 2020, the Polyclinic or outpatient services at the Achmad Mochtar Hospital (RSAM) Bukittinggi, West Sumatra are temporarily closed. However, services for Covid-19 patients remain open.

Public Relations of Bukittinggi Hospital Musalman Chaniago when confirmed on Thursday (29/10/2020) said that if the closure of the polyclinic was closed starting from Wednesday (28/10/2020) to Sunday (1/11/2020) and reopening on Monday (2/2) 11/2020).

“In connection with the holiday period, outpatient services are also temporarily closed. However, we will still open Covid-19 services,” he said.

The man who is familiarly called Mr. Cha explained, among the polyclinics whose services are closed, include internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, children, genital skin, ENT, dental clinic, eye, psychiatrist, poly serunai (HIV AIDS), laboratory examinations, and services. rapid test.

“What is clear is that the general emergency room and the Covid-19 emergency room will remain open. The point is, we are still committed to Covid 19 services,” he said.

Regarding the handling of Covid 19, said Mursalman, currently it is dominated by office clusters. Therefore, Mursalman appealed for the implementation of health protocols to be implemented.

Until Wednesday (10/28/2020) yesterday, he explained, there were 22 Covid-19 patients being treated in the RSAM isolation room. Among them, 9 positive patients, 7 suspect patients, and 6 others are preparing to be discharged because the condition is improving.

“The Covid-19 isolation room at Bukittinggi Hospital since mid-March has treated more than 430 patients, consisting of positive and suspected patients. Some of them have recovered and also died,” he said.



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