Stabbing at the French Church, Macron: Islamic Terrorist Attacks


President of France Emmanuel Macron speak up about the stabbing attack that killed three people in City of Nice, France. Macron vowed France would not surrender after the incidents of attacks which he described as “Islamic terrorist attacks”.

Reporting from AFP, Thursday (29/10/2020), Macron vowed that “France will not give up on our values”. This was conveyed after an attack by a man at the Notre-Dame church in downtown Nice and killing three people.

Macron described the attack as an “Islamic terrorist attack”.

Macron expressed his condolences to Catholics in France after the stabbing. He also urged people of all religions to unite and not “give in to a spirit of division.”

As is known, a man armed with a knife killed three people and injured several others in the city of Nice, France. The perpetrators of the attack have been arrested by the police.

The identity of the perpetrator has not been announced. As reported by The Guardian, the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi said the murder took place at 9:00 am, Thursday (29/10) local time inside and outside the Notre-Dame basilica church in downtown Nice. It was reported that the attacker was injured after being shot by police and has been taken to hospital.

According to French media reports as reported by the Washington Post, Thursday (29/10), one of the three victims who died, a woman, was slit throat in the church. The second victim, a man, was stabbed to death.

The third victim, also a woman, was killed in a bar in front of the basilica where she was hiding. According to the French newspaper Le Monde.

The attack came less than two weeks after the grisly beheading of a middle school teacher on the outskirts of Paris, after presenting a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad to his students.

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