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New set photos ‘The Matrix 4’ may reveal detail about Neo

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New set photos of The Matrix 4 to show that Keanu Reeves shaved off his well-known beard and long hair, in a throwback to Neo’s real-world look in the movie franchise.

Set videos that came online at the start of the shooting period – when production was still in the United States – showed Reeves with the long hair and beard we know the actor for. But new images from the set show something different.

Neo in de Matrix
New photos People managed to take show Reeves saying goodbye to girlfriend Alexandra Grant while standing outside his hotel in Berlin. He has a shaved head and a clean-shaven face. And that’s a look we know from the movies when Neo is in the real world and not the Matrix.

In the Matrix, Neo looks very different, of course, and we see his digital image. But in the real world, he has a different look. And you can see it on the People website. The photo seems to show at least two things: Neo doesn’t appear to be an agent of the Machines in this movie, so he returns to the real world, making his return more than just an in-the-Matrix return .

View on site People the pictures.

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