Joint and muscle pain, lumbar pain, cold hands and joint stiffness could be symptoms of these increasingly common diseases

Often it is not cold and wet, as many believe, that cause inflammation of the ligaments, joints, bones and muscles. If pains of this type are found, there could be something different underneath and relate to pathologies, unfortunately more and more widespread. It is estimated that more than 5 million Italians suffer from these ailments and that 7 out of 10 people attribute them to cold and wet conditions.

These are pathologies that tend to develop mainly in women. And they manifest themselves at a rather young age and then make themselves felt with advancing age. We are talking about rheumatic diseases which, according to experts, will increase their incidence in proportion to the lengthening of life expectancy. According to the data, arthrosis and arthritis would already affect 16% of Italians and osteoporosis 7.6%.

Symptoms and the false myth of cold and damp

It is particularly important to immediately notice these widespread pathologies and not to charge for the cold and wet symptoms. This is because if they are recognized and treated quickly they avoid creating irreparable damage. According to the scientists in the population over 65, rheumatic diseases would have an incidence of 1 person in 3. Moreover, these data are increasing because the average age of the population continues, in turn, to increase.

Joint and muscle pain, lumbar pain, cold hands and joint stiffness would be symptoms of these widespread pathologies. In fact, these would affect, above all, the joints, the skeleton and the muscles but also the internal organs. There are many types of rheumatic diseases, the most common are certainly rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and arthrosis. While autoimmune diseases such as lupus, scleroderma and others are rarer. In any case, it is important, in fact, to pay attention to the widespread pains and not to neglect them by charging them with cold and damp strokes.

Joint and muscle pain, lumbar pain, cold hands and joint stiffness could be symptoms of these increasingly common diseases

Even swellings that appear apparently without reason should be investigated, and not charged to some blow taken without remembering where. Pure swelling and redness, as well as sudden heel pain should make you think. Doctors explain that today there are important means of treatment and technologies that allow patients to be treated effectively. The problem is that many people go to the doctor late, making therapies less effective. Doctors also recall how bone and movement-related pathologies are the third leading cause of disability in Italy.

Finally, scientists advise to be very careful about lifestyle. Smoking and obesity would greatly increase the risk of developing this type of pathology. While constant physical activity would defend the mobility of muscles and joints by preventingarise of these disorders.

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