Bad luck in Sparta, not from Slavia. Both Rosický and “Tvrdolín” rejected a miraculous talent

But it didn’t end with a few episodes. The creators, led by Jakub Štáfek, are now sending a feature film to cinemas. It had its ceremonial premiere on Monday and… There was applause.

Tasting from the film Vyšehrad: A Fairy Tale for Adults or Lavi Goes Bombs

Attention, a small “spoiler”: the following lines contain passages from the movie Vyšehrad.

Rosický surprised in front of the camera

Vyšehrad definitely scores with football fans. Filmmakers spew one joke after another, attentive viewers notice a number of allusions. The realities of the whole film are added by real football personalities who play themselves.

The main attraction is Tomáš Rosický, general manager of Sparta.

Zdroj: Gangbang production

True, the elegant man doesn’t say much. Stafek et al. they had no idea how he would feel in front of the camera. In the end, they were pleasantly surprised. “We wanted it to be as easy as possible. If we knew he could do it that way, he would get more space, “said one of the screenwriters, Tomáš Vávra.

By the way, Rosický was the only person in the football industry who saw the script in advance. He conditioned his participation in the place.

He had no problem remembering failed times under coach Andrea Stramaccioni. “That internationalization didn’t work out for you,” says the agent (Jakub Prachař), as he lured Sparta officials to Vyšehrad. He literally begs, “Could you come see Lavi?”

It didn’t take anything, not even a personal meeting. The Letna Club preferred a Russian star with an incorrect name, which has taken on a new dimension today and during the war in Ukraine.

Cocaine or Berbra cues

So the agent is looking for a new job for Lavi elsewhere. Germany, Spain, China

He even tries it on Slavia. “He runs around the field like a Gripen,” he says in an interview with “Tvrdolín”, which is supposed to be the nickname of Jaroslav Tvrdík, the head of stitching. But the answer in Eden is also negative.

Referee Mike Dean eliminates Tomas Soucek from West Ham.

The legendary judge is retiring. Because of Souček, his daughter was threatened with death

By the way, some will definitely have a problem with allusions and incorrectness. Pilsen will probably not be pleased to find cocaine when Jan Kopic’s name is heard. The football association will (several times?) Distance itself from the practices of its former vice-president, who in the film, as the father, directs the referee and advises “Dáša” on how (to whom) to bet.

The similarity is said to be purely coincidental, the creators in the headlines pointed out that the story is fictional. “We don’t know the name Berbr,” said Štáfek, who managed three roles – he played Lavi, was in the direction and also helped with the production.

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