Georgiana Andrei, Regina Maria: Wellness, mental health, screening programs

Health is on everyone’s mind, and health and safety have been of the utmost importance in the last year. Companies have thought a lot about how to ensure the safety of employees and the test area, whether it is PCR or antigen, has been of great interest to human resources, said Georgiana Andrei, sales director at Regina Maria at Business Review #futureofwork – Working Romania HR Conference.

“Testing is no longer a trend, but a background for daily activity. Companies will continue to look for ways to keep employees safe. Now they are studying the office spaces and how to rearrange them in order to ensure a hybrid way of working, the people partially returning to the office “, said Carmen Mancas.

“The second area of ​​great interest for companies was related to the fact that they wanted to avoid the health stress of employees. Companies have begun to ask what they can do more for employees, if we offer them more complex packages or packages for the family, so that people are not stressed when it comes to the health of their family members. This area of ​​physical health has been very important for HR. “

“Once the physical health problem was solved, the companies turned to health and mental health. Each human resources representative endeavored to find ways to facilitate this period for employees, both in terms of physical health and well-being. A trend seen in recent months, when hopes began to end the pandemic with the vaccination campaign, refers to the field of prevention. “

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“In the last year, I became less concerned with prevention and went to the doctor only when I needed to. I saw a study that says that here in Romania, in 2020, 40,000 cancer diagnoses are missing. This means that there are currently 40,000 patients who do not know they are ill. So we’ve seen companies put more and more emphasis on prevention and try to raise awareness about going to the doctor for prevention, but also to look for screening programs for employees.

“When we talk about well-being, mental health has an important place. It is very important to be able to change your behavior. You can give people specific remedies or training, but it’s best when you have an “umbrella” under which people can find ways to help each other. We have an older project, but now it has taken off, called Corporate Sano, through which we try to do two things. First, provide an “umbrella” so that people can find ways to help each other. We intensely measure the area of ​​commitment and how it causes employees to talk about it, how we help managers identify people who are not only stressed, but who are about to be exhausted. Then, the measurement part is very important and how you create an environment in which you not only provide certain tools, but also make sure that people use them. “

“We try to be connected to all human resources issues to understand how we can create more suitable products for them. For example, we had a helpline where people could call and talk to a therapist for 15 minutes. Then he switched to psychotherapy. A year later, we are in the third wave of the pandemic and the trend is changing again. “

“A Microsoft study indicates that we need to get used to this type of hybrid work and that leaders are still in little contact with the needs of the workforce. They showed that over 40% of employees want to change jobs next year, which is a lot. Our role is to be connected to the needs of people and businesses and to realize that the field of mental health is not there in the short term, but on the contrary, it will be in the long term “, concludes Georgiana Andrei.

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