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Jaromír Soukup Gifts Expensive Jewelry to Agáta Hanychová Post-Separation

As you can see, the businessman is no slouch, and when he loves, he also gives gifts. At the time of their relationship, Agáta herself admitted to Blesk that she was still getting something from Jaromír. And it was definitely not rings from a pilgrimage, but very expensive jewelry from a renowned Swiss company.

Girls, here I decided to sell some things that I no longer want to have… Bad energy for me,” she wrote in stories Hanychová and added a necklace combining diamonds and rose gold. Its value is 120 thousand crowns! Then she offered for sale the multi-seater car she got for giving birth to Rozárka, because hers was already very used. Again considerable value – million and a half crowns.

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Agatha continues the sale, she decided to get rid of the watch for half a million and a bracelet for 90 thousand crowns.

I’ve never been much of a privacy person, but these are indeed the gifts Mrs. Hanych got for Christmas 2023. I gave her the watch to replace the one stolen from her in Marbella when we were robbed there in the summer. I was sorry that she lost the watch I had given her earlier as a present. The bracelet was part of the necklace collection and it was a gesture on my part to straighten out the relationship, as the parents of a little daughter. As you can see, my ex-partner didn’t get either one right.” Jaromír said to Lightning. So it is obvious that he gifted his ex with jewelry worth 600 thousand after their official separation in September 2023.

“These jewels even gain value over time, so if they have bad energy, as she claims, she could have put them in a safe and given them to our daughter later. When she talks about the courts, it’s definitely not like I’m filing one preliminary injunction after another. I always tried to make a humane agreement with her. Unfortunately, I was never heard from.” TV owner Barrandov added.

Purchase this is how he responded to Hanychová’s claim that she was selling the jewelry precisely because of the courts. “It is impossible to agree on anything with him, he blocks everything I want to go to with Rozárka, the Christmas holidays, now the spring holidays, and I have to put in advance measures for each one, which costs me tens of thousands with a lawyer. It just keeps the courts busy, which surely have other things to do. Plus he has lawyers on staff, he’s a lawyer himself, and I have to hire help for everything,” claims the model, who is the mother of three children, but none of them have the same father.

Kryšpína (12) is with her current husband Miroslav Dopita (39), Miu (6) with ex-husband Jakub Prachar (40) and Rozárka (10 months) with Jaromír.

Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup

Author: Photo: J. Poláček, P. Machan, Instagram

2024-02-11 01:00:19

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