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James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Stunning New Image of Uranus with Enhanced Detail and Clarity

The James Webb Space Telescope captured another image of Uranus, this time with sharper images and more detail than before.

After last April, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) had photographed “Uranus” Very beautiful Until you look at it, it’s no different from a crystal ball. Recently, Webb photographed Uranus again, and this time it’s more beautiful and clear than before!

This latest image can be seen. The Ice Giant star looks brighter and more lively than before. The entire ring can be seen. Moon Storms and extreme seasons, and so much more.

What is especially outstanding is In this photo, Uranus’ inner rings, called The Zeta Ring has the faintest-looking ring appearance in the image. It is the ring layer closest to Uranus.

Uranus has 13 rings, with dust rings that are very difficult to see. making it appear as just a thin ring

The new images also reveal detailed features of Uranus’ north pole. The same is true for storms near and below the edge of Uranus’ south pole.

Uranus has one strange thing. Its axis is tilted to 98 degrees from the plane of its orbit. allowing us to see its rings vertically And that tilt also affects its “season”.

Normally, Uranus takes 84 years to complete one orbit around the Sun, and due to its tilt, This causes light from the sun to shine on one pole for up to 21 years, causing the other pole to experience a dark winter for up to 21 years, alternating between the sun-exposed pole and the dark pole. Something like this

This image of Uranus from the James Webb Space Telescope’s Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) also shows 14 of Uranus’ 27 moons: Oberon, Titania, Umbri. Umbriel, Juliet, Perdita, Rosalind, Puck, Belinda, Desdemona Desdemona, Cressida, Ariel, Miranda, Bianca, and Portia

Compiled from NASA

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