Iraq prepares a special flight to transport its citizens from Belarus / GORDON

As noted by the representative of the country’s Foreign Ministry, Ahmed al-Sahaf, Iraq will make the first flight for those wishing to return voluntarily from Minsk on November 18.

The Iraqi authorities have adopted a package of decisions in line with developments in the migrant case, al-Sahaf said.

According to him, the case “took on a political character.”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized “illegal granting of entry visas to Belarus”: groups of Iraqi immigrants have become victims of smuggler networks.


This year the Baltic states and Poland faced the problem of illegal migration from Belarus.

In Lithuania, they believe that Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself the president of Belarus, deliberately weakened control over the border on his part. The Lithuanian Defense Ministry stated that Belarus instructs illegal immigrants at the border.

On the territory of Belarus there is about 16 thousand migrants, said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov on November 14. According to him, a campaign is unfolding, so that there are as many of them as possibleto directly put pressure on the European Union.

According to the publication Welt am Sonntag, Belarus doubles the number of flights from the countries of the Middle East, they are most often used by illegal immigrants for further migration to EU countries.

Due to the influx of migrants power Lithuania, Latvia and Poland decided to build a fence on the border with Belarus.

On the morning of November 8, Belarusian media reported that to the border with Poland a large column of migrants advanced, they are accompanied by people in military uniform. Reaching the border migrants set up camp and stay there and at the moment. They also tried to break down the barriers at the border.

Due to this Polish Ministry of Defense has raised readiness territorial defense troops on the border with Belarus. More than 12 thousand soldiers are on duty at the border. In addition, Poland sent to patrol the border with Belarus military helicopters.

The European Union explained that migrants to Belarus are attracted through Belarusian diplomatic missions… According to Ukrainian intelligence, on the territory of third countries recruitment centers establishedwhere people are offered to deliver them to the European Union for a fee and, under the guise of tourists, are taken to Minsk.

According to Polish law enforcement officers, among migrants who are trying to illegally cross the border – citizens of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries.


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