In Russia, 10 days later, a crashed plane was found. The pilots died, the passenger survived

“Rescuers reported that Pavel Krivoshapkin, who was on board, is alive! This is a real miracle. Now he is being transported by helicopter to Yakutsk, where all the necessary assistance will be provided,” the head of the region wrote.

He added that two crew members were found dead near the plane.

Earlier, on July 1, an An-2 aircraft was discovered in the Kobyaysky district, who disappeared from the radar in Yakutia on June 21, reported on Telegram the press service of Polar Airlines on Friday.

“On July 1, at about 2:30 p.m., the production and dispatch service of Polar Airlines received information from the crew of the Mi-8, which took off in the morning in search of the An-2 aircraft, about its detection,” the message says.

It is clarified that the aircraft is located on a mountainside in the Kobyaysky district, about 45 km from the village of Sebyan-Kyuel.

On the morning of June 21, an An-2 aircraft owned by a private company, according to a Russian agency “Interfax”, took off on the route Us-Khatyng (Yakutsk) – Vertical (Kobyaysky district) – Us-Khatyng, but never arrived at the destination. On board, according to preliminary data, there were three people – two crew members, one passenger and 1 ton of cargo.


March 24 Russian Airlines refused return more than 500 aircraft to Western lessors. Russian President Vladimir Putin allowed them to be registered in Russia, so the aircraft ended up with double registration. RBC calls them aircraft forcibly registered in the Russian Federation – in fact, the aircraft were taken from the lessors, one of leasing companies have already applied to the courtto recover $3.5 billion from Russia for planes.

After this decision, as experts predict, problems with service maintenance, spare parts and, as a result, with ensuring flight safety will begin in the Russian Federation – not only on old, worn-out Soviet aircraft, but also on modern ones. In particular, from cooperation with the Russian Federation already Boeing refused..

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