In Mexico, violent altercation between Sea Shepherd and fishermen

Mexican waters of the Gulf of California, renamed world aquarium by Commander Cousteau, are far from calm. Tensions are ever more frequent between fishermen and environmental NGOs in this maritime setting, the only habitat for pacific porpoises, the world’s most endangered marine mammal.

One fisherman died and another was injured after an altercation with members of Sea Shepherd who sailed opposite the port of San Felipe, on the northwest coast of Mexico, on the morning of December 31. The crew of the Farley Mowat, NGO ship, said to have been attacked by a group of five to seven bank (small traditional fishing boats) . Selon Sea Shepherd, the fishermen attacked the boat with lead weights and Molotov cocktails when they saw the ship’s crew remove a fishing net not allowed.

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One of bank would then have deliberately cut the road to Farley Mowat? before fitting in, as shown in a short video from the NGO. This incident is the latest in a series of increasingly violent attacks […] last month , denounced the organization, which works with the Mexican state to prevent illegal fishing. Fishermen’s cooperatives are said to be in talks with the city of San Felipe to take action against Sea Shepherd, according to the review. Process .

According to the local press, the fishermen of the Gulf denounce insufficient compensation after the restrictions of recent years. The ban on certain nets has also made people jump in an area teeming with totoabas, long fish that are also endangered, but which are snapped up at a high price in China.


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