In France, fishermen protest over Britain’s refusal of licenses

Photo: French fishermen will block ports and a tunnel under the English Channel UK refuses to grant fishing licenses to some French ships after Brexit. In France, fishermen intend to block the northern ports and the channel under the English Channel, protest against the actions of the UK – the country does not grant […]

Opposed to offshore wind turbines, fishermen demonstrate in Cherbourg and Le Havre

A hundred boats slowed down the activity of these two ports on Friday morning, before a dispute carried out on dry land. Professionals of the sea, they fear that the masts will scarcer the fishery resources. “No, offshore wind turbines should not replace fishermen!”, “Let’s preserve our heritage and our artisanal fishing!”. Of the fifty […]

Fishermen call for boycott of Norwegian products for appropriating quota of mackerel

The Nordic country rekindles the ‘mackerel war’ by unilaterally increasing its quota by 55% The EU fisheries sector has called on citizens to stop consuming Norwegian products and food retailers and suppliers to stop purchasing Norwegian caught seafood. The request is in response to the illegal appropriation of the European fishing quota by the Norwegian […]

Brexit. French fishermen block UK trucks carrying fish

French trawlers, furious at the slowness of the issuance of peach in UK waters after Brexi, on Thursday blocked trucks carrying fish from the United Kingdom upon their arrival in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Europe’s largest seafood processing center. The post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and theEuropean Union allows block fishermen to continue fishing deep in UK waters, […]

A huge crocodile took away a shark from fishermen

Photo: frame from video Crocodile in Australia grabbed a shark The fishermen tried to pull out the caught blacktip shark, but a crocodile with a length of two and a half meters grabbed it. In Australia, near the city of Wyndham, a giant crocodile stole a shark caught by fishermen. The video of the incident […]

Captures of dolphins: fishermen denounce a “campaign of demonization”

French fishermen denounce a “Demonization campaign” from NGOs which point the finger at their role in reducing the dolphin population in the Bay of Biscay. “The problem of accidental captures of marine mammals and more particularly common dolphins has turned into an operation of communication and denigration of the profession of fishermen and of the […]

Minister continues to lie: EMCC | Deep Sea Fishing | EMCC | J Mercykutty Amma

Kochi: EMCC President Shiju M. Varghese has lashed out at Minister J.Mercykuttyamma after the controversial EMCC-Inland Navigation Corporation MoU was canceled. The minister is constantly lying. How can you not be open anymore? Every day is a lie. Shiju openly denies even a written statement. The company tried to invest by trusting the authorities. The […]