In France, thousands went to rallies in memory of a teacher killed by a Chechen

an hour ago

Several thousand people on Sunday took part in demonstrations in France in memory of teacher Samuel Pati, who was beheaded by ethnic Chechen Abdulak A. after Pati showed his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

People gathered in the Place de la République with posters “Je suis enseignant” (“I am a teacher”). Also visible are posters with the slogans “Zero Tolerance for the Enemies of the Republic” and “I am a professor, I think of you, Samuel.”

One participant, who identified herself as a French Muslim, said she came to the rally because she loathed the murder she had committed.

A video released by Prime Minister Jean Castex shows the crowd singing the Marseillaise after a minute of silence in memory of the murdered man. The protesters were wearing masks.

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