How much is a Swiss franc worth? Here’s how much you can earn

How much exactly is a Swiss franc worth in euros? Let’s try to understand it immediately by reading all the info on the value of the euro-franc exchange within the currency market. It is extremely useful to try to immediately understand the value of the EUR / CHF currency pair, as it could be very useful for those who are about to travel to Switzerland or for those who simply want to speculate between the two currencies.


In general, the currency market changes constantly, being open 24 hours a day. It follows that trying to understand the current value of a franc may not be extremely useful, as the exchange between the two currencies is constantly changing. times per minute. On the contrary, inquiring about the aspects that determine the price fluctuation is very important to determine future forecasts for the EUR / CHF exchange.

How much is a Swiss franc worth? Here’s how much you can earn

Currently, the exchange rate between the Euro and the Swiss Franc is close to par. In calculating how much a Swiss franc is worth in euros, here is a concrete example:

  • If the EUR / CHF exchange rate is around 1.15, this means that 1 euro is worth around 1.15 Swiss francs. In short, the Swiss franc, to date, is worth more than the Euro. If we were to instead perform an inversion of the calculation instead, we obtain that a Swiss franc in euro is worth about € 0.86.

Each time, it is therefore necessary to divide the number 1 (one) with the price of the EUR / CHF exchange to understand in real time how many CHF is a EUR.

As we have observed, the value of the two coins changes continuously so it is advisable to always stay updated with real-time charts to monitor the trend.

Where can a Swiss Franc be exchanged for Euro?

To answer the question, it is necessary to specify whether the change must be made for practical reasons, for example linked to an actual trip to Switzerland, or if for purely speculative purposes. In the first case, there are two solutions:
– Banks

For speculative purposes, the sale should be carried out in the following way:
– Brokers specialized in CFDs

In general, all major banks usually allow you to exchange Euros into Swiss Francs (or vice versa). However, it is necessary to notify the Bank a few days in advance in order to avoid lack of availability in foreign currency.

Furthermore, as an alternative solution we can rely on the so-called “Currency Exchange” or “Forex Exchange” which essentially allow you to change one currency for another very quickly. Unfortunately, it is good to specify that card withdrawals (in Euros) through an ATM are not at all convenient. The exchange rate is unfavorable and the fees charged are often mind-boggling.

Finally, if we have purely speculative needs, it is highly recommended to contact brokers who operate with CFDs, to invest with the following advantages:
– Speed
– Favorable exchange rates
-Qualification always in real time

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