In connection with the death of a policeman in Chernihiv, suspicion was announced to two patrolmen, now there are six suspects

“Two officers of the patrol police department in the Chernihiv region were informed about suspicion of deliberately leaving without help a person who is in a life-threatening condition that caused death (part 3 of article 135 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine),” the message says.

The department noted that on the night of October 2, the current suspects while patrolling in Chernigov “found a group of people who had a conflict with two male police officers” and “did not stop the revealed offense.”

“We left the scene, leaving without the help of two police officers, who, given the number of the attackers, were in a life-threatening condition. After that, the beating of the victims continued, as a result of which one of them died at the scene, and the other was hospitalized,” they explained at the Office of the Attorney General.

They recalled that earlier in this case, four suspects were sent into custody, three of whom are minors. They are charged with clause 1, clause 12, part 2 of Art. 115 (premeditated murder of two or more persons committed by prior conspiracy by a group of persons) and part 3 of Art. 15 (unfinished attempt to commit a crime) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

October 7th removed the leadership of the patrol police of the Chernihiv region.


On the night of October 2, two policemen were injured by unknown persons, as a result, one of them died, and the second ended up in the hospital… The deceased and the injured served in the same department, both in the rank of captain. At the time of the attack, the police were on leave and in civilian clothes.

Edition “Telegraph” reportedthat the reason for the conflict was the fact that the police made a remark to a noisy company in the store. The men decided to take revenge, waited for the police to leave the supermarket, and then began to beat them.

The investigation is being conducted by the State Bureau of Investigation.

Public On October 6, it was reported with reference to its own source that “it is known about five calls to the police from supermarket workers and passers-by, patrol crews arrived at the scene three times.”

The father of one of those arrested in the case of the attack on a policeman, Sergei Tunik, told The publicthat when the patrol officers came to the supermarket’s call, one of the policemen who had taken part in the fight “began to rush at them too, the police used a gas canister.” “And let’s go. Why didn’t they take everyone? They would have saved people’s lives. Otherwise they ignored them,” Tunick said.



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