If it continues like this, there will be an additional 100,000 corona infections within a month

The first positive test in the Netherlands was on February 27. The corona virus was then diagnosed in a man from Loon op Zand. He had been admitted to a hospital in neighboring Tilburg with symptoms. In the weeks that followed, the virus spread quickly, thanks in part to skiing holidays, carnival and church services.

The first wave peaked in late March and early April. In mid-April, the Netherlands had just over 30,000 confirmed cases. The actual number will have been considerably higher, because not everyone was tested.

The daily number of infections decreased from mid-April. May, June and July were quiet months. At the end of July, however, the number of infections started to rise again, with a peak on August 10.

That day, 787 positive tests were registered. After that, the number of reports dropped. For several weeks, there were about 400 to 500 new corona cases per day.

Second wave

The second wave really kicked off in September. On September 1 there were 467 positive tests, on September 2 the virus was suddenly found in 724 people. A week later, on September 9, there were more than 1,000 positive tests in a day for the first time.

On September 15, a new daily record was set with 1377 confirmed infections. The peak of the first wave was thus broken. Day after day that record was tightened. More than 2,000 cases were added for the first time on September 21, and the 3,000 barrier was broken on September 29.

Five days later, the number of reports exceeded 4,000. Three days later, last Wednesday, there were 4,993 and 5,829 positive tests the day after. Yesterday the day record was tightened again with 6504 positive tests in 24 hours. For comparison: in the months of June and July together, the corona virus was found in a total of 8041 people.

The 100,000th contamination was also identified during the second wave. It cannot be ascertained who that patient is, but the report was registered on September 23, the 210th day of the outbreak in the Netherlands. Today is day 228. The latest figures are expected around 2 pm.

Only ‘Almost’ corona free

The corona virus has now been diagnosed in 354 of the 355 municipalities. Only Schiermonnikoog is still corona-free. There are 31 municipalities with more than a thousand infections. On September 1, at the foot of the second wave, there were six of them.

Amsterdam leads the list with 17,419 infected inhabitants, followed by Rotterdam (13,223) and The Hague (9,735). More than 13,000 patients have been hospitalized and nearly 6,600 people have died from the virus.

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