Bendtner reveals: – Begins a new career in December

– My ambition is to become a football coach, and I will start a course in December. I’ll take the education first. I am also lucky to have many friends in football, who can help me gain experience, Bendtner says The Guardian.

He has been interviewed by the British newspaper in connection with the publication of his autobiography “Both sides” in English.

In the book, he has been open about high parties, gambling problems, and his period as a football player at both Arsenal and Rosenborg. He was brought to Arsenal already as a teenager, that experience he thinks can be useful as a coach.

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– I think one of my strengths is that I want to be aware of where people are in their lives, because I have been there and experienced it myself. In addition, I am lucky to have played under some skilled coaches, it allows me to be one step ahead, he explains.

The 32-year-old left Rosenborg in the summer of 2019, after a short stay at FC Copenhagen, he has been clubless for most of 2020, before he recently made a comeback for the wide club Tårnby.

He has not yet commented on whether the top-level playing career is over or not. In the last year, he has also been involved in a TV series with his girlfriend Philine Ropestorff.

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