Idyll in ruins! Arichteva admitted a harsh reality

The first carom went on the plane. “One would say that if you fly at night, that if you wake the child at 11, he’ll get tired in those 3 hours until takeoff and then rot to the hotel.” she wrote Arichteva na her social network and supplemented the documentation when Luka climbs between the seats. “One would say that wrong, well. He fell asleep 15 minutes before landing, so he shouted at him. I almost do too, “ she concluded with humor.

The last scene and the end. Veronika Arichteva says goodbye to Slunečná

By the time they finally reached their final destination and hotel, Veronica could already see herself in a comfortable hammock. But she was wrong again. The son decided to explore the surroundings. However, she and her husband Biser Arichtev (45) experienced the desired calm. Luke fell asleep. “And they have mice. Or a cup, lunch, peace, quiet, just say goodbye, “ Arichteva concluded.

Pregnant Arichteva said what name she chose for the baby: Tough competition for Bagarova!

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