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Hospitals are filling up fast, they have to add covid beds again

The hospital in Uherské Hradiště is one of the first where the infectious disease department is again not enough for covid positive patients. The relief they felt here in early December lasted only a short time.

“It was only for five days, from this Monday we have restarted one of the covid stations and we are receiving covid patients there again,” Egon Havrlant, a spokesman for the hospitals of the Zlín Region, told Nova TV.

Zlín has long been one of the most affected regions in the pandemic. Ambulances transported dozens of patients from here in October and November, some to Prague hospitals.

A few days in December were enough, and out of seventy patients in the Zlín hospital, there are suddenly more than a hundred.

“We had to plan to close another covid department before Christmas, we had to suspend it,” said Radomír Maráček, director of the Tomas Bata Regional Hospital in Zlín.

The end of November was also promising in the Olomouc University Hospital or in the Ostrava City Hospital. The covid stations are reopening there as well.

“It happened with the separation of one inpatient department of geriatrics with 23 standard beds,” said Adam Fritscher, a spokesman for the Olomouc University Hospital. “We have sixteen beds here, we were originally at a neurosurgical station,” said Marela Murasová, deputy for nursing care at the Ostrava City Hospital.

Within 24 hours, they are able to expand the department for covid positive patients, for example in hospitals in Pilsen, Prostějov or Přerov. There they already have a plan for which departments would be the first to limit operations.

“These are mainly the capacities of the ARO department, the internal department, the infection department, but also the aftercare department,” described the director of the Přerov hospital, Jiří Ševčík.

Ostrava is starting to feel a problem with the staff again. “The biggest problem will be with apple care, because the sick staff in intensive care is starting to get sick,” Murasová stated.

Almost 40,000 healthcare professionals have been infected with coronavirus since March.

There are already almost half of the districts that correspond to the worst fifth degree:

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