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Author: Andrés Felipe Ramos Gámez

Florida borders sectors such as the Vélez, Guayaquil and Patio Bonito Bajo neighborhoods, as well as the exit from Armenia to Calarcá.

The community requests the recovery of the soccer field 7, in addition to the improvement of some access roads.

The La Florida neighborhood is located in commune 7, it is the exit from Armenia towards Calarcá and Alto de La Línea through the La María sector.

It borders other sectors with history within the town such as the Vélez neighborhood, El Guayaquil, Patio Bonito, as well as the María Cristina blocks.

In La Florida, the sensation of being apart from the rest of the commune is generated, because the bridge that has the same name is at the foot. The neighborhood has a consolidated commercial area: bakeries, greengrocers and other types of businesses for the benefit of the population, however, it is near the center of the municipality.

Florida dates back to the ‘Miracle City’ since 1968 – before it was a sidewalk, but since then it has had legal status – it is also surrounded by green areas considered lungs of the city. It was also known as ‘La Jabonería’, since the Vigil soap factory existed for many years.

Priority needs

In the neighborhood, according to its inhabitants, tranquility prevails, however, it lacks spaces for the practice of healthy entertainment for young people and adults.

Fernando Gutiérrez Rendón, president of the communal action board, told THE CHRONIC that the neighborhood requires the recovery of the 7-a-side football field where young and old used to enjoy it, but which is currently run-down and has been converted into a public parking lot.

“Due to abandonment, some characters, known as the landlords, have tried to invade and build on the field. I had to go out to prevent them from taking over the land. Of course, they treat you badly, I have to call the Police, but it is the field of the neighborhood, of all “said the president.

After the advance management before the departmental administration, iron goals were obtained several years ago, but they are worn out.

“Before they were made of guadua. But other better bows were achieved in order to promote the development of championships. Although now the field is defective, first because we are in winter and, secondly, because the increase in people in the neighborhood and the settlements have generated a shortage of parking, so they park in the area and alter the terrain. “

Alternatives are being studied to improve their conditions, one of them is to go to the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation of Armenia, Imdera, to collaborate with soil to cover the gaps and thus level the ground: “We need the tournaments again for fun from the people”.

Another problem living in the area is the poor condition of some access roads. They are uncovered, with the constant rains puddles are formed that, when a car or truck passes at high speed, the facades and some houses are damaged.

Likewise, maintenance and reinforcement of the La Florida bridge have been requested: “It is very neglected, I do not know when was the last time a reinforcement work was done”.

He asked the time for a change in the appearance of the bridge: “Why not think about putting a kind of cover on it so that pedestrians, who are many who use the infrastructure, can move around, they will be more protected”.

The same thing happens with the Curva del Diablo: “It is the route for heavy vehicles, it requires a better quality, to prevent the road from deteriorating.”

Finally, the communal hall is urgent: “We ask the municipal administration to help us get a piece of land, we take care of raising it, even with guadua or mat. We have to hold the meetings in the middle of the street and sometimes the rains don’t stop ”.

Work carried out

The lighting for the field sector was one of the achievements that in recent times in Florida.

“There were 4 reflectors that were installed, it gives a safe environment especially at night and of course for sporting events to take place”.

Likewise, a soccer team has been confirmed, as a form of entertainment for the youth, thanks to the union with an NGO paid by the coach. However, they have not trained for a long time due precisely to the state of the field and the rains.

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