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The leader of Huawei for Europe announced Tuesday that the Chinese telecommunications giant will install “production units” on the European continent, while the group is trying to fight American pressure on the bloc countries to ban the business there.

“Huawei is more committed than ever to Europe,” said Abraham Liu, group vice president for Europe, at a reception for the Chinese New Year in Brussels.

“(…) we decided to set up production units in Europe so that we can really have 5G for Europe designed in Europe”, he added, welcoming the idea of ​​” spend the next twenty years here. ” The announcement comes just days after the EU partially opened the door for Huawei.

Strict recommendations

The EU on Wednesday released a series of strict recommendations for the deployment of the 5G network in Europe to prevent any “security risk”, without however banning Huawei suspected of spying by the Americans.

These recommendations, concocted by EU member states and the European executive, recommend “applying relevant restrictions for suppliers considered to be of high risk”, without naming any company.

The publication of these non-binding measures for the 27 EU member states followed the partial green light from the British government to Huawei’s participation in its own 5G network.

Exclusions required

The EU recommends to “mitigate security risks” to proceed with “necessary exclusions (…) for critical and sensitive assets (…) such as network management and orchestration functions”.

The location of factories in Europe would help persuade EU member states to abandon harsh measures against Huawei. All eyes are now on Germany, which has delayed its ban.

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Huawei claims to employ more than 13,000 people and operates two regional centers and 23 research centers in 12 EU countries. The Chinese group is one of the world‘s leading providers of network technologies, and one of the few – along with European telecoms groups Nokia and Ericsson – capable of building 5G networks.
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Created: 04.02.2020, 22h06

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