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Thousands of people gathered this Saturday in the American city of New York to demand an end to the participation of the United States (USA) in the conflict in Ukraine and to stop the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


They ask Biden to close the detention center in Guantanamo

Protesters gathered from 12:00 local time in Times Square and marched through midtown Manhattan chanting slogans against US and European Union militarism.

In addition, they demanded that the billions of dollars that today grease the war machine be dedicated to education, health, employment and other needs of the population.

Numerous participants displayed banners demanding peace for Ukraine, the dissolution of NATO, the end of the US interventionist policy and the elimination of its unilateral restrictive measures against Cuba, Venezuela and other States, among other issues.

The march was also organized to evoke the anti-war legacy of the civil rights fighter Martin Luther King, as the national mobilization he organized shortly before his death against militarism, racism and poverty, which he considered the three evils, was recalled. of American society.

The Answer Coalition and The People’s Forum organized the mobilization, which was supported by Veterans for Peace, CodePink, Party for Socialism and Liberation, United National Anti-War Coalition, Haiti Liberté, Rising Together, Peace in Ukraine Coalition, NYC-DSA Anti -War Working Group, Massachusetts Peace Action and other groups.

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Prior to the march, Answer coalition national director Brian Becker asserted that decades of US government policy have made conflict in Ukraine all but inevitable.

When evaluating the causes of the confrontations between that country and Russia, which has been deploying a special military operation there since February 2022 to protect the population of Donbas, the activist said that “NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe, the withdrawal of The US disclaimer of major arms control treaties and the prospect of Ukraine being a staging ground for NATO’s advanced weapons systems have paved the way for this conflict.”

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