Hendra Virus Is What? Symptoms and Ways of Transmission of the Hendra Virus in Indonesia and its Prevention

DIY NEWSRecently, the community has been made excited again because many diseases and diseases have sprung up virus new. The public is also looking to find out virus Hendra is what, symptomsand its transmission in Indonesia.

After being shocked by the news of the mysterious hepatitis disease, now people are back to find out virus Hendra is what because it sounds foreign.

Before going back to taking victims, it’s better for the community to find out virus Hendra is whathow cara transmission along with symptoms which is posed.

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Definition of Virus Hendra

Quoted from the website Ministry of HealthHendra virus was first isolated in 1994 in specimens obtained during outbreaks in horses and humans in Hendra, suburb of Brisbane, Australia. This virus has the same genus as virus nipah is Henipavirus

Many also mentioned virus This comes from bat animals that often fly at night.

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Until now, there is no vaccine or specific drug to prevent it transmission virus Hendra which is shocking the community.

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