Richarlison Attacks Carragher, Makes Everton Vs Liverpool Rivalry Hot


richarlison give a counterattack to Jamie Carragher on social media. This also makes the rivalry between Everton and Liverpool hot.

Carragher as a Liverpool legend gave negative comments to Richarlison a few months ago. The Brazilian striker is considered too often pretending to fall to get an advantage.

“Honestly, wake up, every week I see him playing like that,” Carragher lamented as Richarlison fell injured.

“Get up, carry on. He’s already fallen three times, (nothing) wrong with him.”

Richarlison then replied to Carra’s comments after ensuring Everton escaped the relegation zone with a comeback against Crystal Palace. After trailing by two goals, Everton won 3-2 and Richarlison contributed one goal.

“Jamie Carragher wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I have no respect for you at all!” Richarlison tweeted with a poop emoji, via Twitter.

Richarlison has played for four seasons with Everton. He recorded 152 games with 53 goals and is one of the players loved by Everton fans.

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