“Health Care” confirms that the Atman initiative has targeted 7 free medical examinations for the beneficiaries

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, President of the Health Care Authority, confirmed that the Atman initiative launched by the authority aims to conduct 7 medical examinations for free for chronic disease sufferers. He said that a return for medical examination and examination can be booked through the short number 15344, and the “Atman” initiative is activated, by starting an application ( ElBalto, to provide free telemedicine services to patients enrolled in the new comprehensive health insurance scheme.

The application (ElBalto) is a digital platform that allows patients benefiting from the new comprehensive health insurance system to communicate with 93 specialist doctors and consultants in the medical specialties “family medicine, internal medicine, women, children, nutrition, dermatology, psychological and cardiology”, in Arabic and English. , Either through written conversations, or by requesting the patient for a video chat via video call with the specialist.

Dr. Amir al-Talwani, Executive Director of the Public Authority for Health Care, chaired the meeting of the Authority’s Executive Council on behalf of Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, “Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors and Assistant Minister of Health and Population”, to discuss the work that has been accomplished aimed at building the health and treatment system on strong and solid foundations that contribute to enhancing the health of the individual and society and advancing comprehensive sustainable development in light of the implementation of the goals of Egypt Vision 2030.

Dr. Amir Al-Talwani, the meeting welcomed all members of the Executive Council, and thanked them for their outstanding performance and efforts in work that express their sincere desire for the success of the new comprehensive health insurance project and the achievement of universal health coverage, the dream of all Egyptians.

While the meeting discussed the mandates and recommendations that had been implemented from the previous meeting of the Council, which included completing the unified medical file of the new comprehensive health insurance system, completing the treatment and diagnostic services packages in the system, and developing a plan for health facilities that would qualify them to register with the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Control to obtain Accreditation and quality in a way that contributes to providing high-quality health services and care to the Egyptian citizen, while 5 presentations were presented on the achievements of the Authority’s sectors and departments, which dealt with future plans and visions during the next phase..

Dr. Marwa Agha, Director of the Human Resources Department at the Public Authority for Health Care, referred to the administration’s objectives, which are to select competent manpower, manage the level of employee performance, develop and develop talents and create a culture of loyalty and belonging to the authority, pointing to the training programs for preparing leaders that are carried out with the aim of Qualifying them to manage the accredited units of the Health Care Authority, in a way that reflects the provision of the best quality medical service to citizens, which increases their confidence in the comprehensive health insurance system, and achieves the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the system.


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