Boušková and Vydra: Request for a wedding on a “deathbed”

Although he was already chasing her at the conservatory, it happened to him only on the second try. She was already a widow then, because she was a husband Petr Svojtka († 35) died under the wheels of a tram, and she had a three-year-old son Honza. To deploy a wedding boy, however, Otter he was not 23 years old. “It simply came to our notice then. I didn’t feel that anything would change after the wedding, “admitted Vydra, who finally Boušková he led to the altar. Plus in the church. But she had to ask him.

Greed and vanity! Václav Vydra revealed why the continuation of the Black Barons did not arise

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“When I was hit by Avara, I ended up in traumatology in Motol. I broke 4 ribs. I felt like death had touched me, and if I died, my son would be an orphan. I was a widow, “she admitted, preceded by a fall from a horse. “So I asked for a hand,” she said in a talk show.

Is the otter gambling with life? Boušková is very worried about her husband!

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“She lay, moaning for a moment, saying she didn’t want to die a widow. And if I took her. So what can I say at such a moment. So I said I’d marry her if she was going. So we chose a date, I had its premiere in Vinohrady on Friday and there was a wedding on Saturday, “Janina’s husband described Honza Dědek in 7 cases. They were married in July 2006 in a church in the Křivoklát region in Nezabudice.

Perseverer Vaclav

He looked for Jan at the end of his second year at the conservatory. “I noticed that Jana was there. In 1973, I tried to chase her, and she didn’t want to. I brought her carnations behind the window of the house, “he admitted, adding that he was quite stubborn. “I climbed up the scaffolding on her house and put them behind a window that I thought was hers. But then I learned that my father slept there, “he joked.

What else they revealed about their marriage, watch today at 21.35 on Prima.


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