HEALTH – 95% of people who try to lose weight on their own fail to not control their appetite

95 percent of people who try to lose weight alone “fail” because “they can’t control their appetite,” so “more and more people turn to specialists,” according to the director of the Obesity Endoscopy Unit at the University Hospital HM Sanchinarro, Gontrand López-Nava, for whom the key lies in controlling hunger and anxiety.

“It is almost impossible for a person who is accustomed to eating without restrictions to maintain over time a diet that drastically reduces the amounts and type of food,” explains the specialist. “If we don’t help you reduce your appetite and control your anxiety about eating, sooner or later you will return to your old ways and your initial weight, with the frustration and feeling of failure that this implies.”

Currently, as the expert states, it is possible to increase the feeling of satiety by modifying the shape of the stomach with endoscopic techniques, that is, without surgeries, incisions or scars, by means of an approach through the patient’s mouth.

In this way, he continues, the appetite is reduced “considerably” and it is “much simpler” to cope with the diet. “It is a very safe technique, which does not require anesthesia, but a slight sedation with which the patient returns to his normal life in less than 24 hours,” says López-Nava.

“It is the ideal aid for all those people who stay hungry and end up itching between hours because the diet they follow does not satisfy their appetite,” adds the doctor, who warns that it is necessary to accompany these techniques of a “food re-education, physical exercise and psychological support. ” “With these four pillars, that is, stomach modification, diet, exercise and psychological support, the success rate rises to 85 percent,” he concludes.

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