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He never slept with Gelemová: Patrasová indicated that Slováček had an intimate problem

For seven long years, Dáda Patrasová had to tolerate the fact that her husband Felix Slováček fell in love with the much younger artist Lucie Gelemová, with whom he appeared in public without any shame. But even though she did not have her husband at home, she may have been partially reassured by the fact that no intimate rapprochement between the couple had ever taken place. According to her, Slováček is not able to have sex due to her age and health.

Actress and singer Dáda Patrasová has had to endure a lot in the last seven years of her life. In addition to her husband leaving her and living with the artist, Lucie Gelemová, who was many years younger, Felix Slováček also publicly accused her of alcoholism several times. But Dada was always ready to forgive her husband and hoped that the love of her life would return to her anyway.

When Slováček found out that Gelem had found another one a few days ago, he was absolutely furious and immediately ordered her to move out of his apartment. Patras must have celebrated that she would have her husband back home. But she rejoiced prematurely. After a few days, the Slovak cooled down, he regretted his sharp words to Gelemová and there is no return to his wife. So at least Dada spat out some poison.

They never slept together

Although Felix Slováček appeared alongside Gelem for seven long years, a certain consolation for Dad may have been that the couple never slept together. Well, at least the singer says so. “He did not sleep with her. I know for sure, I can guarantee it. I know my stuff, but I’m not going to ruin my husband completely. Let’s just say there’s a minor problem with his health and age. And he was already at the time they met, “Patras let herself be heard in an interview eXtra.cz.

Bad teeth, big nose and small eyes

Dáda Patrasová seems to have a good piss on Gelemová. And in fact, it’s no wonder after the artist’s last statement. In it, she called the actress and singer “a mentally unstable alcoholic full of anger, hypocrisy and hatred.” And so Patras was not afraid to kick her husband’s ex-mistress as well. “No breasts, big pelvis and ugly legs. In the photos you can still see only a convulsive smile, bad teeth, big nose, small eyes. Overall, it’s awful. She can also look like a sexless man to someone. Like a shunt stuffing a bra, ”Patras said to her sock.

And to everyone’s surprise, Slováček defended his wife. “Please stop hanging out with my wife, Dada. You know very well that you have absolutely no right to do that, ”the musician pointed out editors her ex-lovers.

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