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Barbara d’Urso is making headlines thanks to the podcast that came out just over a week ago. The initiative met with immediate success, given that the well-known presenter of Canale 5 spoke about herself in an unprecedented way. Guest on the radio show hosted by Six on Radio Deejay, d’Urso was asked about a particular episode that she told in the podcast.

“There is also a somewhat new Barbara: who would have thought you have lived in a common”, said Waad. The presenter explained how things went: “I lived in a commune with Neapolitan water polo players. Understood?”. The radio speaker then declared that he had caught a different aspect of d’Urso from the podcast: “It gives a slightly transgressive idea of ​​you”. Then the presenter explained why she was very fascinated by this initiative, with the first three episodes available on Onepodcast and on all streaming platforms.

“Here I tell things – she declared – together with my friends, that I have never told before. I am very reluctant, I never talk about my family, my private life. And instead here freewheeling”. Then she d’Urso revealed that she was amazed when she listened to the podcast of some private revelations: “I can’t think that I said certain things”.

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