Hamza continues to panic the counters with “Sincerely”

Hamza is number one everywhere with “Sincerely”!

The Hamza phenomenon, because that is what it is, does not seem ready to stop. His sales figures were so strong that even Booba allowed himself to reflect on the Belgian rapper. Obviously, this one doesn’t give a damn and his album continues to be a hit as evidenced by a tweet from the media Raplume which explains where the counters are currently. Knowing that since then, they have obviously continued to shoot!

Sincerely HAMZA’s stratospheric stats:

▫️Right now it’s the 18th most streamed album WORLDWIDE on Spotify ▫️

8 of SNEP’s top 10 single tracks are from his album

▫️Should be certified gold this week HAMZA is a superstar 🌟

Our comrades from Position-P adds that:

“Sincerely” by HAMZA is in 1st position of the Top Albums for the second week in a row! 🥇

And that, among these successful titles, it is the featuring with Damso, “Harmful”, which is acclaimed and the most listened to.

Information confirmed by the SNEP which also shows that in the top 10, only Miley Cyrus and Gaulois manage to classify a single that is not from “Sincerely”.

Obviously, “Sincerely” will be certified Gold in the coming days and it would be surprising if it stopped there!

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