Gubernatorial Candidate Donates Electrical Appliances to Public Welfare Institutions

Gubernatorial Candidate Donates Electrical Appliances to Public Welfare Institutions

PUERTO DESEADO.- Given the lack of resources to meet the costs of his campaign, a candidate for the gubernatorial formula headed by Pablo Grasso opted to donate electrical appliances to public welfare institutions, which will be selected by his followers on Facebook.

Hugo Ramón Torregiani is a candidate for deputy for the People for Unión por la Patria, and as he commented, he does not have enough money to pay for a campaign in the media. Therefore, to make himself known, he decided to donate one appliance per week to an institution that will be chosen by the people who follow him on the facebook page that he opened for this purpose.

Torregiani heads together with Maribel Fernández, one of the eight sublemas that UP carries in Puerto Deseado for the list headed by Pablo Grasso as a candidate for governor, and Javier Castro for vice-government.

«We are more than 10 lists of candidates, if we did everything the same, we would reach many institutions that need us today, promotes Torregiani.

Torregiani presents himself as a construction worker, is a member of the UOCRA and works in a mining company. He says that he cannot afford advertising in traditional media and that is why he decided to create a page on Facebook. “so that they know him and what he does and wants to do for Puerto Deseado”reads in his profile.

For now, his first action as a candidate for deputy will be to donate an electronic device to non-profit institutions every week. The first installment will be of two 42′ Smart TVs and the election system will be through its facebook page where its followers must vote with a Like or a heart, to define to which institution the televisions will be delivered.

“In minutes I post the two institutions that are going to have to vote and the one with the most votes will be delivered to SMARTV on Friday, July 7,” Torresiani proposes.

He promises that the delivery of the TV will take place on July 7.
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